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Public Safety


All communities require safety and security to thrive.  Supporting our law enforcement is an essential step in ensuring this goal is met.  Along with competitive compensation, our law enforcement must have access to continuing education and training to equip them with the required skills to be at their best.  


Adequate funding to support local and state law enforcement is essential, but safe neighborhoods don’t end there.  We must invest in building and maintaining relationships between law enforcement and the local communities in which they are charged to protect.  This investment of our time and our resources will be an ongoing one, but it is one I will work tirelessly to facilitate.







We’re blessed to have many excellent schools in Rock Hill, but there
is still much work to be done to ensure that every child in our
community receives a high-quality education.  It's imperative that we're teaching students the skills and knowledge they will need to succeed in the real world.   We need to empower
parents by letting them make the best decision for their children’s education.  We also need competitive compensation to recruit and retain excellent teachers.  We must make sure that our teachers are getting the support that they need and deserve from their school administration.  We need to stay focused on teaching
students the skills and knowledge they will need to succeed, not
divisive social and political agendas. 






One of the most basic functions of government is to provide quality and reliable infrastructure to its community.  Services such as good roads, bridges, water and sewer are vital to our quality of life.  In addition to the traditional forms of infrastructure, broadband should be included in infrastructure investments.


During the pandemic as schools closed and went to remote learning, teachers and students witnessed firsthand how important broadband and internet connections have become.  Broadband is and will become more and more vital to our communities and investing in it today is a priority.

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